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Cherry waterproof keyboard

IP 68 control – protects against dirt, dust, and water (until 1 m deep). Keyboard wrapped in a welded protective cover for easy cleaning.

150,00 HT

Waterproof, resistant to diesel and most common rinsing and disinfecting products
Up to 10 million strokes per key
Very flat design for comfortable typing, more pleasant experience than traditional IP 68 keyboards
Silent strokes, even with intensive typing
Plug & play installation - USB connection


574 g

460 mm x 172 mm x 23 mm

Cable length:
180 cm

Software assistance:
Cherry keys

Individual key shelf life:
10 million strokes

Commutation features:

Max. consumption (mA) – keyboard:
50 mA

Special function keys:
Navigator / Messages / Computer stand-by / Calculator

Key technology:
Membrane mat

Noise reduction:
Full-size (100%)